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ASSIGNMENT 3 –75 points – due Friday May 5th

Write an essay in which you consider how can you apply what you learned in this class (specific geographic concepts, topics and theories) to some issue or problem in your field of study/future career/general area of interest.  Be sure to address all of the following:

  • What is your area of interest/field of study/future career and how did you come to be interested in this?
  • What issue or problem will you address? Consider what is already known about this problem, how it has been addressed in the past, and what new knowledge you might be able to add to what is already known.
  • What specific geographic concepts, topics or theories will you apply to addressing this problem? How will you use them?
  • How does using this geographic perspective help you to better understand the issue or problem?

The overall focus of this essay should be on how geography can help you better understand the world and gain knowledge. 

Approximately 500 words.  Use the citation style of your preference. 

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