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Assignment 3: Implementing and Evaluating the Future at Galaxy Toys, Inc. (Week 8) Purpose: Continuing with the saga of Galaxy Toys, Inc. Students...

Required Elements for Part 3A:

  • Compare the standard specifications data set with the results from each of the results for the five branches.
  • Interpret the results for the new product production chart above.  Detail the areas that demonstrate positive outcomes and those areas that need improvement.
  • Define what “corrective action” means to the manager in the control function of the POLC.
  • Do you suggest Keith take, if any, corrective action for this report?  If so, what corrective actions are needed and why?

Part 3B:

The next meeting of the long term planning team for Galaxy Toys is scheduled for next week. All the VP’s will be there and a report must be given by all as to the viability of the “Moon Mission Jupiter’s Europa 1” toy roll out and the success or failure of the long term goals and objectives.

Keith reviewed his meeting notes with his branch managers when the production results came out. The managers seemed to all talk at once.  Most all the managers seem to feel that the project was well worth the effort.  It appears that many managers felt that training on the 3D printer in terms of repair and maintenance was the biggest problem.  Mexico’s manager, Hernando Gonzalez, said that they lost their trained personnel to a software company and had difficulties finding replacements.  The company who supplied the 3D printers provided initial training but follow up training thereafter proved a problem when personnel turnover increased.  Gonzalez explained that there is a serious shortage of skilled IT personnel in Juarez.  Consequently, finding qualified workers and keeping people without paying more than budget is a major problem.  As a result, both the production and the IT departments are losing money.  Getting a full time, IT night worker is impossible without a serious budget increase.

Required Elements for Part 3B:

   Prepare a report for Keith to present to the planning team. The following points must be addressed in the report:

  • Using the conclusions drawn from the chart in Part Two as well as information in Keith’s notes from the meeting (noted above) with the branch managers on the production results, identify at least three conclusions that have potential concerns for the long-term future of the project and or company;
  • Explain why and how each of the factors chosen would affect the future long-term strategic planning;
  • Examine the relationship between the control function and long-term planning as part of the explanation;
  • Offer recommendations for solutions that might be introduced along with the issues to the planning committee to address the implications of the factors chosen.
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