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Assignment Details - Ritz Carlton Case Study: 1. Four pages 1.5 spaced (5 pages total with bibliography) 2. Follow a writing format (APA or MLA are fine) 3. 1-page Bibliography or Works Ci

 Assignment Details - Ritz Carlton Case Study:

1.       Four pages 1.5 spaced (5 pages total with bibliography)

2.       Follow a writing format (APA or MLA are fine)

3. 1-page Bibliography or Works Cited  page(minimum 3 resources)

4.       Cover Page not necessary – place title and your name at top of page 1

5.       Intro, body, conclusion…

6.       Relate your paper to what you have learned in the HCMG Program.  If you are currently employed in healthcare, you may also relate it to your job and your company.

7.       For the Ritz Carlton Case Study, there are questions posted under course materials to help guide you, in addition to summarizing the case and providing your insights (what would you do similarly, differently, etc…).

Ø   Your paper will be submitted for a plagiarism check.  Please do not copy another student’s work or copy directly from your sources (internet, journals, etc…).

Ritz Carlson Overview and Questions:

The Ritz case deals with a situation in which a very successful training and hotel opening process are being seriously challenged by a real estate development group or the owners of a new Ritz Carlton facility.  Essentially, the case discussion and analysis will examine how a successful service operating system is developed and explore the question of when and how it should be changed.  

Specific questions for discussion are as follows:

1.  What are the basic characteristics or key principles of the Ritz Carlton business model?

2.  What is the essence of the Ritz Carlton experience?  What is the Ritz Carlton selling?

3.  How does the Ritz create "ladies and gentlemen" in only 7 days?  What system and processes produce or contribute to a successful service operating system in just 7 days?

4.  Brian Collins, hotel owner, has asked James McBride, Ritz general manager, to lengthen the amount of time spent training hotel employees before the hotel opening.  Should McBride lengthen the 7-day countdown?  Why or why not?  Or, what are the benefits and costs of extending the countdown?

5.  Assume Collins prevails; how do you extend training or what changes might be made to accommodate a much faster ramp-up to the 80% occupancy level?

6.  Or, is this the time that McBride should consider a total overhaul of the hotel opening process?  If yes, what should be changed, and how should he go about doing it?  What's different about experimenting in a service business?

7.  Are there any aspects of this case or the hotel service industry that relate back to healthcare or what you have learned in the HCMG program?  Please relate any additional thoughts you have regarding this case study and how it relates to the healthcare industry. 

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