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Assignment due by Friday, February 3rd by noon 12:00pm

  1. As standards have been developed throughout industries to improve quality of service and products, educational standards view the student as the “product.”  Examine how this view may negatively and positively impact the student’s self-concept. Propose solutions to the negative impacts and ways to better leverage the positive impacts you discussed.

  1. Propose three ways that you could incorporate Promoting the Use of Assessments and Data for School and District Improvement into daily teaching practices.

  2. Describe an instance in which you observed students engaging in superficial learning. Provide an alternative approach to the one that you witnessed that could also have compelled students to engage in profound learning.

  3. Provide two alternative ways to evaluate a student’s performance other than a paper-and-pencil test. Evaluate whether or not these methods would be accepted as a measure for performance standards equivalent to a paper-and-pencil test. Support your position with a tutorial theory.

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