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Assignment: Persuasive Memo Report


Assignment: Persuasive Memo Report [611 Words]

Develop a persuasive memo report (no more than 2 pages— see example the attached PDF file that I uploaded ) from Dale Crompton to the Hartville City Council. As Kramer Associate's representative, Crompton wants the Council to buy into his plan for solving problems associated with the Pavilion. Think about the different readers and their primary concerns.   With those concerns and the audience relationships in mind, develop suggestions for a program that you believe Crompton would approve submitting to the Council.  Use the technical information provided in the case and extrapolate from facts given in the case.


√ Provide a well-documented plan to the City Council for addressing the Pavilion problem. √ Provide supporting information that is accurate, documented, and feasible. √ Provide readers with a realistic plan of implementation including costs and timetable.
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