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Write a paper of 2 pages, single spaced, and 12 pt font on Philosophy of Mind

Concerning: Lecture 14-18 on Epistemology

There are two aspects of the mind playing a role in the debate about the relation between mind and body: on the one hand, there are beliefs and desires and related mental states, on the other hand, there is the inner awareness and the immediate access we each seem to have to our mind. The mind-body problem for beliefs and desires is different from the mind-body problem for the inner awareness and the immediate access. Explain how by discussing the arguments for and against dualism and the arguments for and against logical behaviorism. Which of the two aspects is more important for each of the two theories or for each argument for or against each of the two theories?

Basically, I want you to go through these two theories and the arguments involved, and to register what aspect is at the forefront at each stage.

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