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ASSIGNMENT PROMPT #5:  Part 1 DUE DATE: Oct. 3rd, 2018 (11:30pm EST)!!Assignment Objective:  to understand various methods of ideation beyond the standard brainstorming process and to practice one


DUE DATE: Oct. 3rd, 2018 (11:30pm EST)!!

Assignment Objective:  to understand various methods of ideation beyond the standard brainstorming process and to practice one process within a group to develop a list of ideas to solve an organizational problem.

Assignment Expectations:

· 1) Begin by reviewing the ideation resources in the resources section (SEE BELOW). Engage in what process(es) you think would be interesting and appropriated for this assignment.

· 2) Then suggest at least 2 processes with rationale/thorough explanation for the selection.

· 3) Decide which process for ideation you are going to use. The objective is to generate as many ideas as possible for the scenario.

· 4) Then identify what you believe to be the top 3 ideas based on the "Framing Insights" provided (SEE BELOW). Include an explanation for each.

Client Scenario:

DU University has recently opened a new center dedicated to helping entrepreneurs take their business to the next level. Clients include: DU students, business owners, and with an entrepreneurial spirit that are willing to share their knowledge that are starting or growing a business.

They are looking for specific ideas regarding how to expand their outreach and service.  Their initial research of the competition and with possible user groups yielded the following “Framing Insights”.

· Anytime, Any Place: users want the flexibility to learn about entrepreneurship and connect with experts on their own time schedule without having to travel to a location.

· Big Picture & Details: users have a need for both understanding the big picture of starting a business and also having clear knowledge of the details for legal, finance etc.

· Mash Up: some users have general ideas, but need assistance in idea generation and evaluation of specifics that cut across business functions.

· Gen Differences: retiring baby boomers and new career seeking millennials have very different needs. The center needs to serve both.

· Money is the Object: most users expect and need some direct assistance with funding.

· Crowded Marketplace: there are many organizations and Universities that offer services to entrepreneurs. Davenport is one of many and needs to distinguish itself.

*You should develop ideas for outreach (getting the word out) AND service offerings. (IMPORTANT)

Here's the link to the center's current webpage. https://www.davenport.edu/Entrepreneurial-Center#node-14120


· Field Guide to Human Centered Design  - "Method in Action" section pp 84-111

· Stanford Design School Boot Camp  - "Ideate" section 

· 101 Design Methods  - Mode 5 - Explore Concepts 

· Creativity & Innovation Techniques - Slideshare

Additional Resources 

18 Ideation Techniques

Brainswarming vs Brainstorming 

Innovation where you least expect it

“The Deep Dive” – 3 videos on the IDEO Shopping Cart project.

· Part 1

· Part 2

· Part 3

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