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Assignment Two:  Social Inequalities in American Society: Media Assignment 50 points This assignment aligns with the following course objectives: Evaluate the nature and significance of social inequal

Assignment Two:  Social Inequalities in American Society: Media Assignment

50 points

This assignment aligns with the following course objectives:

  • Evaluate the nature and significance of social inequalities in a global society focusing on social class, race, age, gender and other areas of diversity;
  • Find, evaluate and cite appropriate academic resources for research in written assignments and oral presentations;
  • Apply the sociological perspective by using collaborative problem-solving assignments.


Social inequality can be defined as the unequal distribution of power, privilege and social status in society. Social inequality is pervasive as the consequences are reflected in all social institutions including educational systems, the criminal justice system, health care industry, the media and political arrangements. Certain groups of people based on race, gender, social class, sexual orientation and other defining variables, have a very different lived experience than other privileged groups in society.

The goal of this assignment is for participants to select and analyze ONE movie, musical selection, or book according to a variety of sociological principles.  Knowledge of this material will be demonstrated in the completion of this assignment.


Please use 2-4 clear, concise, and complete sentences that address EACH of the questions within the following areas:

1. For what reason did you make this selection for the assignment?  How did this selection impact your view of the world?

2. How does your selection relate to the topic of social inequality? Be specific.

3. Who are the central characters in your selection? How do these characters experience a form of social inequality? What do they do in response to the social inequality? What are the outcomes in your selection: Do they win... lose.... or live to fight another day? If this is a CD, discuss these questions in terms of the song lyrics or position taken by the artist. Please use 2-3 songs in this analysis

4. Pick ONE specific sociological concept (terms such as minority group, status, or social class are concepts) and apply it to your selection.  In other words, in what ways does that concept relate to your selection?

5. Use ONE sociological theory (structural functionalism, conflict, symbolic interaction, post-modern, feminist, queer theory etc.) to analyze your selection. You must be able to draw parallels between the plot and themes in your selection as they relate to the underlying principles of your selected social theory.

Assignment Details:

  1. This assignment must be typed double-spaced in a standard 10-12 size font.
  2. Grammar, spelling, and punctuation are important and will be evaluated in this assignment.
  3.  In addition to using your selected movie, CD, or book for this assignment, you will be required to use two additional sources for this assignment. Your textbook can be one of your sources. The other source should come from the CCBC library databases such as SOCINDEX. Thus, if your paper is on racial inequality as reflected in a movie, you should also locate and incorporate within your responses, a journal article that discusses racial inequality.
  4. Cite sources in the APA format-this means in-text citation and a References page.
  5. Submit through turn it in for review.
  6. This assignment is worth 50 points and is due 6/28/19 by 11:59 p.m.

Please remember that plagiarism will result in a grade of “0”.

Grading Rubric for the Written Assignments (50 points)


Ferris, K., & Stein, J. (2010). The real world: An introduction to sociology. WW Norton & Company.

Pls reference the lecture note attached

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