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Watch "Evocateur: the Morton Downey, Jr. Movie."  It is on amazon.com for $3.99 (you can even see it for free if you sign up for a subscription offer that amazon has) and there is a site on youtube that has it for $2.99. It may be available in other places as well.

Do research on Ironbound Films and Seth Kramer (who will be our guest on Sunday).  Write 1 1/2  pages on what you have learned about Ironbound Films and Seth Kramer.  Write three questions that you would like to ask Seth Kramer.  Yes, the three questions are to be included as part of the assignment.  If, for example, you leave your three questions in your notebook, but do not include them in your paper, you will lose points!

 I need 2 different wirng style assigments  and i need it finish in 13 hours.

i will pay 34$ for 2 assigments   15(1)+ 15(2)+4(movie)

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