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Attack of the computer virus Lee Antoinio was the CIO of a large publishing house.

Attack of the computer virus

Lee Antoinio was the CIO of a large publishing house. Her network administrator, Andy McPester, came to her one sunny September afternoon and informed her that a virus had attacked their network. It had shut down two of their 45 servers and had potential to harm the other servers as well as the 323 personal workstations throughout the enterprise. Andy knew that he could not report this problem to Lee without a recommended project plan for a solution. Andy and Lee had a good, trusting relationship, but Lee insisted that Andy investigate all options and come to her with the most viable solution to any problem.

Andy's project plan outlined that it would take 30 to 45 minutes to touch each PC to protect them from the virus, and longer if they were already infected. It would take almost an hour to check the other servers and repair them. Andy discussed the time estimates with his desktop staff. Andy proposed paying six staff members overtime to work 4 hours after their normal business day for the next week or two to check each personal workstation. He did not want to affect productivity of the company's staff during the day. Andy proposed repairing the servers the same way with two additional staff members in the evenings. Lee felt that the time estimates and costs were too high. She did not think it would take that amount of time for each machine to get repaired. She was concerned that some of Andys staff may have overestimated the time needed. She also was not sold on the notion that all the work would be done at night, paying staff overtime

Question scenario :

How would you recommend that both Andy & Lee to reach a consensus on the project plan? Use your expert opinion to answer.

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