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i got some of the confusion in my home work could you please help me to solve me those problems.

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AutoSave (. offHpsa3.8 - Compatibility Mode - Saved to this PCPrakriti ChaudharyXFileHomeInsertDesignLayoutReferencesMailingsReviewViewHelpEndNote X8Foxit PDFTell me what you want to doShareCommentsX CutCalibri (Body) - 11 - A A Aa- AAaBbCcDoAaBbCcDc AaBbC AaBbCal AaBAaBbCccFindPasteCopyB I U - ab x, x' A . L . A-17 No Spac...Heading 1 Heading 2c Replace11 NormalTitleSubtitle41SelectDictateFormat PainterClipboardFontParagraphStylesEditingVoiceCentral Cleaning Ltd began operations on 1 July 2016. During July the following transactions werecompleted.JulyHIssued 60 000 shares at $1 each.Purchased used truck for $48 000, paying $15 000 cash and the balance onaccount.mPurchased cleaning supplies for $3600 on account.5Paid $14 400 cash on 1-year insurance policy effective 1 July.12Invoiced customers $15 720 for cleaning services.18Paid $9000 cash of amount owed on truck and $2400 of amount owed oncleaning supplies.20Paid $9600 cash for employee salaries.21Collected $12 000 cash from customers invoiced on 12 July.25Invoiced customers $10 800 for cleaning services.31Paid petrol and oil for month on truck $1200.31Paid $2250 cash dividend.The chart of accounts for Central Cleaning Ltd contains the following accounts and accountnumbers: 100 Cash, 110 Accounts Receivable, 120 Cleaning Supplies, 130 Prepaid Insurance, 170Truck, 171 Accumulated Depreciation-Truck, 200 Accounts Payable, 210 Salaries Payable, 300Share Capital, 310 Retained Earnings, 315 Dividends, 320 Profit or Loss Summary, 400 ServiceRevenue, 500 Petrol and Oil Expense, 510 Cleaning Supplies Expense, 520 Depreciation Expense,530 Insurance Expense, and 540 Salaries Expense.Required.Page 1 of 1404 wordsEnglish (United Kingdom)-+100%O Type here to search9WA ( ) ENG2:25 PM1/04/2019520
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