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Last week, you were asked to consider the CISSP certification exam. Describe the efforts you’ve made to secure a time, date, and location for the exam. Do you feel ready? Why or why not? Even if you don’t take the exam, you’ve learned so much valuable information. Talk about a few of the items you’ve learned and how having this knowledge will help you in your management position in IT once you get your master’s degree and get on the job. Why is it important to know about security if you’re going to manage program developers for example?

Well i am currently not scheduled to take CISSP exam but i have looked up where i can take the exam and I am considering taking it but i would like to take my Security + exam first that would give me a little more confidence.  I am putting the link to Pearson below so anyone who would like to take the exam can find a location to take it.  I also am looking at more study materials to help me prep for both the Security + exam and the CISSP exam.  Money will be an issue but taking the Security + exam is less than the CISSP exam so i think its in my best interest to start there.  My current job is not in the security field but it will help with understanding how to better secure my server and setup best practices in our office.  I learned a lot about permissions in this class and the types of attacks that i could face on our network.  Does anyone have any suggestions that might help me with my quest to take the exams?



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