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BA 215 Week 5 Assignment

This file of BA 215 Week 5 Assignment covers:

Question 1Using the telephone numbers listed in your local directory as your population, randomly obtain 20 samples of size 3. From each telephone number identified as a source, take the fourth, fifth, and sixth digitsQuestion 2Consider a population with μ = 43 and σ = 5.2.Calculate the z-score for anx̅ of 46.5 from a sample of size 35.Could this z-score be used in calculating probabilities using Table 3 in Appendix B? Why or why not?Question 3State the null and alternative hypotheses for each of the following:You want to show an increase in buying and selling of single-family homes this year when compared with last year’s rate. .You are testing a new recipe for “low-fat” cheesecake and expect to find that its taste is not as good as traditional cheesecake.You are trying to show that music lessons have a positive effect on a child’s self-esteem.You are investigating the relationship between a person’s gender and the automobile he or she drives—specifically you want to show that more males than females drive truck-type vehicles

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