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BA 265 Week 2 Writing Assignment- Contract Remedies

This file of BA 265 Week 2 Writing Assignment - Contract Remedies includes:National Drilling Company ships its only pump to American Hydraulics Corporation, the manufacturer, for repair. National hires Overland Transport, Inc., to take the pump to American Hydraulics and to return it to National as soon as the repair is complete. National is forced to suspend operations without a pump, but Overland does not know this. National expects to be without the pump for five days and to lose profits of $5,000. When the pump is not returned by the end of the fifth day, National rents a pump at a cost of $100 per day. Overland delays five more days before returning the pump. National files a suit against Overland, asking for compensatory, consequential, and punitive damages. Will National recover anything?

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