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BA 2900 ( Can you write 8 or 9 pages, please? 8 pages it will be about my self.


Can you read the questions I  put with red color, please? I use the bule color to put my answers of these questions. Can you see what is right and what is wrong and fix it, please? After you will read my information answer my questions, please? 

Please complete and upload a PDF of your paper.

8-10 pages double spaced. Include a SWOT/TOWS analysis in your paper, this can be a graph or bullet point. If you are citing work please include a works cited page in the appendix.

Remember all of the modules you will be completing will help you with the development of this paper and the information you find relative can be included.

For those who may not know what a TOWS analysis is:

What is a TOWS Analysis?

A TOWS analysis involves the same basic process of listing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats as a SWOT analysis, but with a TOWS analysis, threats and opportunities are examined first and weaknesses and strengths are examined last. After creating a list of threats, opportunistic, weaknesses and strengths, managers examine ways the company can take advantage of opportunities and minimize threats by exploiting strengths and overcoming weaknesses.

Carrier Paper Overview

1.Introduction a. Who are you, what is your major, what drives you, what are your inspirations.

Age 5: I went to Kindergarten in my country in Saudi Arabia. I learned Arabic Language, watched cartoon, and played with new friends.

Age 6: I started studying in Elementary school in KSA. I studied more, and I had a lots friends in Elementary school.

Age 13: I finished Elementary school, and I moved to middle school. I started studying English Language, I had a lots friends in Middle school, and I had beautiful time with my friends in that time.

Age 16: I studied in two different high school, and I studied four years in high school because I failed in English language in that time. When I failed in that year in the English Language, I know the English language is very important.

Age 20: I finished high school, and I went to Dammam College in Saudi Arabia. I choose my Marketing Major, and I graduated from Dammam College after three years there.

Age 23: I worked four years in Sabb Bank in Saudi Arabia. That was first time I worked inside bank in Saudi Arabia, and I had good experience, and I learned a lots information inside that bank.

Age 27: I moved from Saudi Arabia to U.S.A. I came to America because I want to learn English Language and take good certificate from America. In addition, I was exposed to many different cultures and perspectives, and I studied in ALCI and I finished Butte College in California State in America.

Age 33: I have been studying in Bakersfield University in CA. I am seeing different people, and I was exposed to many different cultures and perspectives.

I do not know what I want. In addition, I do not know myself, and my God knows everything. I do not have good plan, and I do not have target in my life. I want to do everything that my God wants me to do, but I cant not do that. That makes me craze because I did not do good on the tests from God. I feel alone, and sad because I can not control myself in this life. I am sometimes do not care and sometimes I care about what my God give me.

My major is Business- Management

b. What tools will you be using in the paper? Introduce them and give a brief overview.

My name…….., and I am full time student in Bakersfield University in California. My major is Business- Management. I'm basically just really excited to start to begin building my career the next chapter in my life, and I am most excited about meeting new people and exploring many different academic disciplines. My dream is to work in the bank in Saudi Arabia. I'd like to introduce something that I have struggled with in starting out in the field of librarianship. I think I can prove myself in America and get some good experience in some banks in U.S.A. I would like to Start my own business in America, and become a top executive, run for office, build a nice life for my family. I can really work hard in America and Pursue, focus on my own business, have good leverage, explore something new to be successful in my life. I learned some basic Sales Skills and all the talent will come back to me in Future, and my sales process for selling marketing consulting services will be good because I have some experience from in the past and I have good education. Right now, I could use some help with finding the right Career and take the Career test because I have some experience and some certificate. In addition, I can ask my friends to help me to see good job for me. I love my area because I can pray with people in the Mosque. We have almost ten or maybe twelve Mosques in my area. More people paid for work for all these Mosques and my country did not pay the same when my country pays for Mosques outside of my country. My country just gave some land for mosques.  The Mosques are important in the life of the people in my country and city.

2.Body a. TOWS Analysis.

b. Learning styles.

1- Reflective: I understand and retain information best after quietly thinking things through for myself first. I am big on introspection and personal evaluation. My preference is to work alone, rather than in group.

2- Sensing: I want to know the facts and details, then approach problem solving with tried and true methods. I dislike complications and surprises, and prefer to play by the rules, being given the exact instructions. I am practical and careful with my work and real world applications for things. I am patient with details, good at memorizing facts, and doing lab work.

3- Visual: I learn and am driven by what I can see: pictures, charts, timelines, films, demonstrations, and diagrams.

4- Sequential: I prefer to do things and learn in linear steps, keeping things in logical order. This helps me solve problems.

c. Skills assessment.

1- I have negotiation skills with people.

2- I have good education from my country and U.S.A that can help me when I talk with people.

3- I can talk and write  Arabic language and English language.

4- I have smiley face, and that is good thing.

5- I can use  computer and phone.

d. Career Assessment.

I would be the pinnacle of my career be better to start with a best-seller because I want to be good seller in future.

e. Use your modules!!! i. How do you overcome the obstacles that are in your way?

I can overcome the obstacles that are in my way if I will use some good way to help me. First is my family, I do not have my obstacle with my family, but I do not have good confident sometimes of myself.

Second is my education, and I have good certificate from my country and from U.S.A, but all I think not good because my English Language is not good. Third is my health, and I feel like someone has dgoz psychological from this life, and I feel sometimes sick. Fourth is the money, and I think money is important, and I try to save money for me and for my family. I give some money to some people in my family, and poor people. I like to use my money without think much about that money. I have control of my money, but it is not a lots. I think I have problem because I have to make business of money but I do not like selling to people. I know how I can buy for something, but I do not like to open my face to sell something to people. Fifth are friends, and I have a lots friends in the past, and I had good communications with them. Right now, I do not have good communications with all people almost because I like to be alone than see my friends. I know I have to fix that problem, but I am far a way from that way.


1-            Health: Take medicine, and sleep good or go to the doctor Today.

2-            English language: Study in Institute or college or University to learn English Language.

3-            Question: ask your classmates in same day.

4-            Be open-minded: do not give up, and work hard like same hammer in every day.

5-            Mistakes happen: ask teacher and friend every times.

ii. What other opportunities may you have in your journey?

For sure, one has to pursue at least master degree in in a management or Business Administration course and attain a good track record in the previous positions.  

Or ?

 Indeed, attending extra training and obtaining certificates give an upper hand to the opportunities. For example, pursuing economics or business management course offers a good combination of these opportunities.


  1. Health: Take medicine, and sleep good or go to the doctor Today.

  2. English language: Study in Institute or college or University to learn English Language.

  3. Question: ask your classmates in same day.

  4. Be open-minded: do not give up, and work hard like same hammer in every day.

  5. Mistakes happen: ask teacher and friend every time.

  6. Entrepreneurship

  7. Experience, internships volunteer

  8. Employment: A- Part time. B- Full time. Contract work

iii. What resources can you use to get to where you want to be?

I can use all these resource.

Resource                             Use

runnerlink                           employment, volunteer, (CSUB)

Indeed jobs                        employment, salaries by experience, company reviews

LinkedIn                               networking

HR Bartender                     online community for HR

Ney York Times                 buisness news, stocks and bonds

live career                           job search and resume builder

craigslist.com                     general search for jobs and employment, resources

transparent California                    State and County jobs

County of Kern                  county jobs, most counties in the state

City of Bakersfield                           City jobs

yahoo.com                         search engines

Google                 search engines

USA Jobs                              employment, salaries by experience, company reviews

career services center                    employment, resume development

healthcarejobsite.com                  healthcare jobs

financial carrers                banking jobs

twitter.com                        networking

iv. How can you present yourself as a professional?

v. How do you plan on building credibility and respect? 1.Networking?

2. Internship? Somewhat

 First, I would surround myself with my God and my family.

vi. How do you fit in to the core competencies of the market, job, or company that interests you?

vii. What is your proposition statement 1. How do you add value to….?.


viii. What is your 3-5 year plan?

. I want to take more information in my new job, and I will think if I can complete the master degree. I will try to see good job and great benefits in my new job. Moreover, I would like to make own business dreams, and I want to learn my children to study good, and I would have more children in future after five years or more because I have three and number for I hope he will come after couple months.

3.Conclusion a. Summarize the main points.

b. Quick overview of your 3-5 year plan.

I have confused of that, and I do not know where I would work in this life. I would work where my God wants me to work. Now, I have been taking some courses in CSUB, and I hope to take good score in my classes. Next few months I will finish studied in CSUB, and I will try to see good job here or in my country.

c. Give a killer closing statement..


The information with blue color is my information and all my homework I did before in different website for BA 2900.

Bio Builder

 the past, you may have relied on a resume to tell the world about yourself, but from now on, your bio is going to be a far more valuable tool — not to mention a far better indicator of who you are, where you’ve come from, and what you have to offer. Keep this polished by adding every great new experience or skill as it becomes part of your repertoire. This way when you and your work are put on display to the world, you can shine — in your online profiles, when you’re being introduced for speaking opportunities, job opportunities and more!

The Bio Builder is a guide to help you put together a powerful yet brief document that can be used over and over again to sell you and your story more powerfully to the world.

Use these tips to get started:

1.            Start with a snapshot of who you are and what you’re doing today.

I am 34 years of age, a Saudi National, married with three kids, I was working with the bank of Satt in Saihait city, and currently I am a student of Butte College, where I am perusing a course in English.

2.            Give a brief overview of your past. What has brought you to this point? What accomplishments, special recognition and experiences tell your story?

I was able to attend both elementary and high school in Saudi Arabia. Immediately after finishing high school I was able to proceed to the Dammam College. What has been able to bring me to this point is the ability to learn more and being ready to know more. My proud achievement would be being able to secure an employment after completing my college with a bank in Saihat city back in Saudi Arabia.

3.            Toward the end, provide a statement of purpose. What is your mission, your goal?

To gain exposure and maximize my potential on the job training and at the same time acquire rich knowledge in the market industry.

To join a dynamic, motivating and intriguing workforce to enable me apply both my academic and life skills in my work.

4.            Mention your educational background and any special degrees or skills you have.

As mentioned earlier I attended both elementary and high school in which I was able to complete successful, then proceeded to Dammam college, I was trained as an accountant.

5.            End with where you were born and where you live now (and if you want to, with whom, i.e. partner, pets, etc.).

I was born in Saudi Arabia, currently am living in California. I would wish to live with my wife and kids here this is because they are my source of joy and inspiration. The support that I get from my wife and kids is immense.


Personal Career Development

First, career development simply means a lifelong management of an individual’s work experience and skills that suit a preferred future job. For example, many universities have created career development departments for students. They particularly offer information and placement aids to graduates who want to build their careers. After completing my seconed year in Bakersfiled University pursuing Bachelor of Business Administration in Management, I was attached to States Bakersfield of Management (SBM) for four months. During my attachment period, I got an opportunity to interview the Counselor Diane Allford in Career Center, the director general at SBM who has pursued masters in social management. I chose to interview the director because she had a wealth of experience and had a similar area of speciality. Moreover, she works in Center for Career Education and Community Engagement, and she helps student to how make resume writing, job search strategies and CECE services. The following shows the director’s response to various questions I felt could help me build my career;

Hello Counselor, could you please describe the main responsibilities of your position? Thank you, as the general director of SBM, I undertake a supervisory work. It involves planning, authorizing and coordinating all official management programs within the states management system.

What is the nature of your typical workday? My workday is full of meetings. In the morning, I receive reports from the senior managers in various directorates. In the afternoon, there is planning and prioritizing of various projects to be undertaken.

What are the most helpful training and education that you have had to prepare yourself for this position? Thank you, first I had to pursue a master degree in any of management courses after completing bachelor's. Secondly, I had to acquire at least a five-year work experience in recognized institutions that involved data collection, data entry and analysis. I also had to attend leadership and technical training.

What is the most satisfying aspect of your job and why? The job involves both domestic and international travelling and meeting different people and organizations. It makes every workday a learning moment for me.

What is the least satisfying aspect of your job and why? The least satisfying aspect involves working on urgent projects with limited time allotted to meet specific targets. It stifles the overall outcome, and this does not sell out well for me.  

How did you decide to pursue this field? Since childhood, I loved socializing and was good in Management. Therefore, pursuing social management was the best option for me.

What skills and personal qualities do you think are important to be successful in this field? First, computer proficiency which involves the use of software packages is necessary. You need to be a meticulous management with the ability to work in a collaborative team environment. Thirdly, it requires a person with good interpersonal communication skills and honesty when handling highly sensitive and confidential data or information.

What are the opportunities for promotion? For sure, one has to pursue at least master degree in in a management or Business Administration course and attain a good track record in the previous positions.

Is there extra training, certificates or education needed for these opportunities? Indeed, attending extra training and obtaining certificates give an upper hand to the opportunities. For example, pursuing economics or business management course offers a good combination of these opportunities.

Did I make a good first impression? Yes, you did, I am indeed impressed with your confidence and having shown a good interest. I wish you all the best. Thank you.

Cover Letter




My cell phone


Dear Sir/Madam,

             I am writing to request your consideration for the position being offered by XYZ bank. I express interest in the role because I believe that I can add value to the financial institution. I am a hard and smart worker. I take my time to understand the nature of the work that I do and look for the most efficient way of performing my duties. I can work long hours to beat deadlines, and I can travel for work on short notice as I am single. I believe that my education background and experience are best suited for this job.

During my working period in the Saudi British Bank, I recognized my interests in public relations and marketing. The position that I was previously in was that of Customer Care Service where I learned a lot dealing with customer’s problems and queries. I was able to use my effective communication skills and experience in marketing to assist the bank to increase its potential and to achieve the institution's daily objectives. I believe in the strengths of diversity and can work well in teams and on an individual project. I became a valuable asset for the company due to my skills and commitment to my job.

I believe that the experience that I have in marketing and personal skills make me suitable and the best candidate for the position that the bank is offering. I am diligent and very passionate about the work that I have been assigned to do. I sincerely hope that you shall consider me for the position in your institution.

Attached you will find my CV. My email

Best regards,

My name


My plan

1-What are their plans for the break?

I will go to dental appointment to fix my teeth, and I will study in CSUB in the break. In addition, I will try to make trip in CA.

2- Ask about next semester? I will ask my friends about which courses are good to taking in CSUB.

What’s the most interesting research or project I will have in next semester?

Why do I get this question wrong?

What career options are there in my field?

3- Get advise on classes, teachers, etc.

I have been asking my friends about which courses I have to take for the next semester.

4- If they are graduating get information on what comes next for them

I will be graduating in the full semester, and I hope to see good job in future.

MyWritingLab with Integrated Review

I took the test, and I took very good score in Writing and Grammar test.

I had working on Course 1, and Course to in one website of BA 2900. I will put the information because I think you have to read it to put some information from these information.

Course 2

I hope I will own and run one company in future, and I have to work hard to make good company. In addition, I have to put good a strategy to really establish myself, and I must to have good know lodge if I want to be successful in my project. Moreover, I do not know if I can make new own company or no. If I will do that company I have to make creating my credibility and respect to people.

I think I have to Work on a high impact project in my community, and I have to work some conferences to make proof of my project. I will try to put some information of my project in newspaper, magazine, and in the TV. That means I have to use the advertisement because I think I will need advertising campaign for my project. There are a lot companies they put ads, and they earn a lots money.

I will try to start or run a nonprofit after three to five years of my new business because I have to make money in first five years. When I will work something free to people, they will be happy because the money is not everything in this world. Moreover, that is one door of my successful because people like to help the poor people. Nonprofit will be part of my business, and we can see the big companies they do sometimes on that part.

When I want to open new company, I will try to Invent or create new things. That will be not easy, but I will try to do new things because I know there are many people like to try and take new things.

I will try to see align with a reputable organization because that is good idea. When I will have partner in my business, that means we can mix the experience and ideas together.

I hold high level position and interesting my job title because I have good experience and certificate from my country and USA. I had been working customer services four years in Sabb Bank in Saudi Arabia in the past.

I hope to work very good in my company to receive awards and accolades from people and government. In addition, I can give people some gifts from my company same some companies they do that. In addition, I will put some gifts to good employees and worker in my company.

Most companies have sit on a board, and I will do that because that is very important part to know and share bad and good information of my company.

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