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BA 370 WEEK 8 Course Project

This work of BA 370 WEEK 8 Course Project covers:

Develop a training program to help new managers learn the fundamentals of employment law and their role in implementing the policies and practices that maintain legal compliance in the workplace. Components of the project are assigned in each module, contributing to the comprehensive final product by the end of the course.Training ObjectivesDevelop 5-7 training objectives for the program. What should managers know and be able to do when they have completed the training program?Program OutlineDevelop a 1-page outline of the content you plan to include in the training program. What major topics and subtopics will be covered? What are the most important things managers will need to know about their role in employment law compliance? Include ideas about the kinds of training methods best suited for delivering the content and achieving the learning objectives.Informational methods: one-way communication to convey important factual information (i.e. lectures and audiovisual media).Experiential methods: interactive methods to give trainees opportunity to apply knowledge, practice skills, and demonstrate behaviors (i.e. e-learning, simulations, case study analysis, and role play).

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