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BA 405 Multinational Management All Weeks Discussion

This pack of BA 405 Multinational Management All Weeks Discussion includes:

Companies that move into a new country are often faced with a dilemma of adjusting to local practices or enforcing the company’s standard practice. Not all companies and not all countries will come up with the same solution.Initial post – research an international company that has faced such a dilemma. Document the dilemma and explain if they adjusted to local or used standard practices (yes, you have to take a stance!). Be sure to cite at least one internet reference for each company to help your peers respond.Unions have been a very important part of the American worker’s history. Research and select one union or employee support organization from a foreign country. Initial Post: Explain your thoughts on why this organization is important and/or unique to that country. Explain two times in history that this organization has aided its workers.Initial Post - Elaborate on how it would impact you and your family if you were going to work in a foreign country for 18 months or longer. Be sure to name the foreign country and be specific about at least three points of impact.Offshoring has been a common practice in the past decade, what is a benefit or a pitfall of using off shore workers?Initial post – List the company you have selected and state the benefit or pitfall that has impacted this company with the decision to use off shore workers.Think about how your decision to go back to school has impacted your life, now relate that to our topic of work life balance if you were instead working overseas for two years. Initial post: What impacts to your own experience of going to school be similar to the impacts of moving to a foreign country?Now that your company has relocated you overseas – let’s discuss compensation. How did the company reward you for taking on this assignment? What benefits did you gain or lose?Initial post – Since your imaginary boss has relocated you and you negotiated a good deal, how has this move improved your work/life situation? What will happen when you finish your oversea assignment and return to the company headquarters? What factors would make you interested in staying overseas past the end of your assignment? We have learned a lot in this course but it is time to tie up all the loose ends!Initial post – reflect on your learning in the past few weeks. What have you learned? What questions did that bring up in your mind? Create a list of three items, it can be something you have learned or a question that you have – post these three items, be very descriptive using at least five complete sentences to describe each item.

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