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BA 470 Week 3 Assignment Ajay Bam Case Study

This paperwork of BA 470 Week 3 Assignment Ajay Bam Case Study comprehends:

Read the Ajay Bam case study (The Journey Vs. the Destination) in your text. Write a 2-3 page APA style paper that includes a discussion of the following:1. What traits dos Ajay exhibit that have helped him to get this far? Are these the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed by good entrepreneurs?2. Define and explain the purpoe of a rocket pitch. Imagine a potential investor has heard his rocket pitch. What concerns would a potential investor have? Is it a good investment?3. If Ajay decides to move forward, what more can he do to build credibility and improve his chances of securing venture capital?Provide 3-5 APA style references both inline and at the end of the paper to support your analysis. Please write in 3rd person.

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