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Background Information for Measurements and Calculations of Biodiversity, Richness, and Evenness Aquatic animal biodiversity and evenness calculated...

  1. According to the indices, which season (fall/spring) has greatest taxa diversity? Do the measures of S, H´ and J´ give different perspectives on total diversity? Why?
  2. Can you speculate on whether or not water quality had an effect on the diversity between the two sample days (fall/spring)? What possible factors could have contributed, and why?
  3. There are a lot of ways in which the experimental setup could have affected our results. Remember, most of these organisms are small with limited mobility. What do you think you might have found if you had used a larger net? A net with smaller/larger holes?
  4. What direct effects are your aquatic organisms likely to have on large animal (vertebrates) food chains? 

I need help mostly with the introduction and the discussion. I attached an excel sheet comparing the two data sets. and the rubric for the paper as well as the powerpoint for the lesson.

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