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BENJAMIN FRANKLIN - EDUCATIONAL THINKER PRESENTATION ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS OVERVIEW The overview of the first three modules of this course has led you into an exploration of various educational ph


OVERVIEWThe overview of the first three modules of this course has led you into an exploration of various educational philosophies. Traditional philosophies, modern and post-modern philosophies, as well as educational theories of transformation and transmission have all been studied along with their corresponding personalities. This assignment will give you the opportunity to take a selected personality, an educational thinker of your choice, and to “teach” this individual and their educational philosophy as if you were teaching in a classroom in both print and presentation formats, thus combining theory and practice.

INSTRUCTIONSFollow this checklist to guide you in completing this assignment successfully.Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) is the Educational Thinker required for this Presentation Assignment.

 Handout Research the educational ideas and educational influences of your thinker. Create a one-page handout reflecting this information, including at least 3 examples of the thinker’s ideas and at least 3 examples of the thinker’s impact on education. Information: You may include minimal biographical information about the thinker only as it relates to how life events influenced the individual’s philosophy of education. The major focus, however, should be given to the person’s educational ideas and educational impact. Make a strong connection from the thinker’s theory to his or her practice.

 Your Name: Ensure that your name appears somewhere on the handout. Sources: In fine print on the back or in the footer of the handout, insert your 3 major sources in current APA format. Use credible academic sources. Wikipedia is not acceptable. (Check the index of your textbooks to see if the authors have anything to say about your thinker.)

 Format The handout may follow whatever format you choose and may be as creative as you wish.  A simple traditional outline will suffice if that is what you choose.  Prepare a 5-minute video presentation. A common error is for students to spend too much time on biographical information. Get to the ideas, impact, and critique before the 3-minute timer goes off.  Refrain from reading the entire handout, but you may refer to it and read quotes from it. You are welcome to use note cards. As part of your presentation, critique the educational ideas and educational influence of the thinker. You may share what critics have stated but also give your own assessment. You must include at least1 reference from the course textbook,  1 outside critique and 1 personal critique.

Textbook citation:

Gutek, G. L. (2013). Philosophical, ideological, and theoretical perspectives on education (2nd ed.). Pearson.

All work must be completed at or above a master's level quality. All work and references must adhere to the APA 7 guidelines. 

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