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BIO 100 table

Nutrition and Metabolism

  • Read p. 487-497
  •  Nutritional Diary and Nutritional Information Worksheet
  • Nutritional Diary:

    Complete a table for one day of 3 meals, itemize for breakfast, lunch and dinner the food items, nutrient (carbohydrate, protein and lipid) serving amounts in grams and calorie content (4, 4 and 9 per gram of each of the above nutrients respectively). Total calories per meal and per day.

Example Below: Breakfast

      Item: Bagel       Nutrient: Carbohydrate        Grams: 10 grams        Calories: 40 calories

                                                                                   Total calories for Breakfast:

  • Nutritional Information Worksheet:

          Use daily calorie totals from above to compare with the following

Daily caloric intake - well-balanced diet


         1,600 smallest servings

         2,800 largest servings

Formula of caloric intake for a desired body weight

Desired body weight (lbs.) x 10 (not active)

                                            x 15 (moderately active)

                                            x 20 (highly active)             = caloric intake to maintain desired weight

ex. 180lbs                            x 20                                      = 3,600 calories

Formula for ideal weight without health risk

BMI - Body Mass Index

BMI  =  Weight (lbs.)  x  700

                Height (inches) 2

Range:  equal to or greater than 27 = increased health risk

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