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Bioethics questions

1. The 'principlist" approach, developed in the 1970s is very influential in the field of bioethics. List and describe the three principles.

2. Which ethical theory or principle is best described by the following statement: "The ends justify the means". Who are the theory or principle's main proponents?

3. Briefly describe Kant's contribution to ethical theories. (Make sure you include what that branch of ethics is called.) What are some strengths and weaknesses/criticisms of Kant's work.

4. Briefly describe virtue theory, who originally developed this theory and how it is currently used in the realm of bioethics.

5. Which ethical theory or principle is best illustrated in the following case and why?A doctor attending to the care of a young woman recovering from breast cancer discovers the cancer has spread to her lymph nodes and appears terminal. There is a new treatment that has a very slight chance of helping and is very painful and expensive. The doctor tells the young woman about this treatment along with other options to let her make the final decision.

6. Explain the difference between normative ethics, applied ethics and meta-ethics. Into which category does bioethics fall and why?

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