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Biology 2 Week 3 Assignment 1 Question 1: Growth Models Using your & Q2 Environmental Problems...

Biology 2 Week 3 Assignment 1

Question 1: Growth Models

Using your favorite Web search tool, find examples of countries for each population growth model (rapid, slow, zero). Use examples other than the ones described in the text or the lecture. What evidence can you find to support your choices? What problems/challenges/opportunities do these countries face in the next 10–20 years as a result of their particular class of growth? Be prepared to discuss ways in which countries might plan to regulate or restructure their growth rates to better adapt to their resources and needs.

Question 2: Environmental Problems

Use the Internet to find an environmentally related problem that is happening in your area. Present information about the history behind this problem including what factors led to its occurring and who might be responsible for it. Share what is being done to solve the problem and how effective those efforts are. Present ideas for how you might have handled the situation in the first place to prevent the problem or what you might do now to help solve it. Be prepared to discuss the classes of environmental problems that seem to be widespread and recurring across our country and the world.

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