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BIS 320 Week 3 DQs

The pack of BIS 320 Week 3 Discussion Questions contains:

DQ1: Suppose you need to terminate an employee who works in your department. Summarize security protections you must take. Would you behave differently if this termination were a friendly one? If so, how would you respond differently?

DQ2: Read “Guide: Blending the Personal and the Professional” in Ch. 8 of MIS Essentials. Do you think Anne’s post that she was “out too late last night” was inappropriate, considering that she knew her professional colleagues were reading her page? Why? Was it appropriate for the senior manager to invite distant subordinates in the organization to be friends? Why? Knowing that when you have revealed something about yourself you cannot take it back, what criteria will you use to decide what you will post on a social networking site that is read by your professional colleagues?

DQ3: How do successful business professionals use Internet technologies and collaboration tools to reach their company’s goals? Provide two examples of each.

DQ4: In what ways can Microsoft® PowerPoint® be used to accomplish business objectives? How can PowerPoint® software make business tasks more effective? Provide two examples.

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