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BIS 320 Week 4 DQs

This paperwork of BIS 320 Week 4 Discussion Questions contains:

DQ1: Suppose you need to terminate an employee who works in your department. Summarize security protections you must take. Would you behave differently if this termination were a friendly one? If so, how would you respond differently?

DQ2: Suppose you lose your company laptop at an airport. What should you do? Does it matter what data is stored on your disk drive? If the computer contained sensitive or proprietary data, are you necessarily in trouble? What methods should you have used to address information security needs in this situation?

DQ3: Read case study 12 in Ch. 12 of MIS Essentials. Considering the viewpoints of customers, law enforcement, personnel, investors, and management, did ChoicePoint make the best decision? Discuss your rationale for each viewpoint. Given ChoicePoint’s experience, what is the likely action of similar companies whose records are compromised in this way?

DQ4: How might you explain to a friend who is not technically savvy what phishing is and how it can be avoided? What are five tips you would provide to help your friend avoid phishing?

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