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BIS 320 week 5 DQs

This work of BIS 320 week 5 Discussion Questions contains:

DQ1: Read ”This Could Happen to You” at the start of Ch. 10 of MIS Essentials. Assume the role of Laura Shen, a business analyst asked to propose a solution to Jeff’s facilities problem. What ideas and proposal would you develop for this project using the SDLC? How do you think Jeff should proceed?

DQ2: Read Case Study 10 in Ch. 10 of MIS Essentials. What roles do you think users should take during an information systems development project? What responsibilities do users have? How closely should users work with the IS team? Who is responsible for stating requirements and constraints?

DQ3: What are some of the problems that you see with SDLC? Why is SDLC considered a waterfall process, and why can this be a problem?

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