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1. Read about World War II and explain how it affected America’s global perspective in 2 pages.


  • Watch The Progressive Era: 1900–1916. There are several social reforms addressed by progressives. List two that you feel resulted in the greatest effects.
  • Watch Nineteenth Amendment. Trace the movement that culminates in the 19th Amendment. What challenges did the passage of this amendment face?
  • Watch The United States at War. What events led the United States into the war? The U. S. had been neutral what changed to bring us into the war?
  • Watch Winning a Hard-Fought Peace. Describe the League of Nations. Why was it rejected by the Senate
  • Watch The Outbreak of World War I (p. 562). How did the assassination of Ferdinand of Austria affect global affairs? Discuss the European involvement?
  • Watch The Twenties: 1920–1928. Several changes were seen in the 1920's. Choose any two of these changes and discuss how they influenced society. 
  • Watch The Scopes Trial. How did this trial change the argument between fundamentalism and evolution? Is there still questions about this issue?


  • Watch Origins of World War II. Trace the events that led to the entry of the United States into World War II. What was the final catalysis That brought the U. S. into the war? 
  • Watch Japanese American Internment. What justification was used to condone the treatment of Japanese Americans. Do you see an incident that could create the same problems today.
  • Watch The Civil Rights Movement. Discuss the rise of Martin Luther King.  What was the main ideas that formed the foundation of the movement?
  • Watch Justice for All: Civil Protest and Civil Rights (p. 687) Evaluate the movement and give an opinion of the effectiveness of the movement.  Do you think it was successful?
  • Watch The Sixties: 1960–1968. This is an introduction of the events that form your world. Discuss at least one of these forces. Be sure to include rationale as to why you chose that event"
  • Watch Vietnam. Why was the Vietnam war important? How did the war affect the concept of war?
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