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  1. Reread A Basis In Research in , “Factors that Affect Successful Interagency Collaboration” ( attached )
  2. Create a PowerPoint presentation that offers examples of how to implement each factor listed on page 301. Make sure to include at least 3 accurate references form the text and other resources to show you in-depth understanding of the topic. One slide for each bullet point should be sufficient. This will represent a hypothetical or real plan for interagency collaboration based on your experience working with various agencies. For example, I am going to hypothetically create a design/model of interagency collaboration between Jax Library and Hope Haven. My power point presentation would show how I would create an interagency collaboration between these two agencies making sure to include all of the factors of success mentioned on page 301: commitment, communication, strong leadership, culture of collaboration, adequate resources, minimize turf issues, and serious preplanning. Make sure that your power point is succinct but contains detailed notes so I understand how you are incorporating all of the "factors" from pg. 301 into your design/model.
  3. Make sure to add text in the notes section of each slide, so it is clear how you would present the informat

please I need this tonght at 10: 30 P.M ( 7-27-2017)

the number of slides depend on the rubric , I think around 10 but you need to make sure how many slides will cover the requerments

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