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ResourcesRead/review the following resources for this activity:

  • Review all assigned course materials as necessary¬†

IntroductionThe Business Strategy Game was all about practicing and experiencing what it takes to develop winning strategies in a globally competitive marketplace. With the completion of the simulation, what will separate the better-performing companies from those with weaker performances is the caliber of the decisions and strategies that company managers (i.e., your team) have employed. The focus of the BSG was to challenge your decision-making processes in a way that allowed your team to work collaboratively on improving the performance of your athletic footwear company, as well as heighten your understanding of organizational strategy. This discussion will allow you to share your experiences with the BSG and offer perspectives on how you believe your company performed. 

Initial Post InstructionsFor this discussion, please reflect on your experiences with the BSG and share your responses to the following questions with the class:

  • How do you feel your company performed and what decisions do you believe helped achieve these outcomes? Provide examples.
  • What did you learn about organizational strategy after completing the BSG? Be specific.
  • What were some of the notable challenges you experienced while completing the BSG and what actions could you have implemented to overcome them?
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