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BSA 502 Week 2 DQs

This document of BSA 502 Wee2 Discussion Questions includes:

DQ1: Based on Ketter’s (2008) article, describe the employee engagement model. The article suggests several questions for a “stay interview.” Select one of these questions, state the question you selected, and provide your individual answer.

DQ2: Based on Industry Week article, why is it important to focus on the processes rather than the provider when selecting a human capital management (HCM) system?

DQ3: How do companies attract and keep quality IT workers? As a manager, what qualities would you look for in an IT worker and why?

DQ4: Find a recruiting site on the Internet. Select a lesser known site (not Monster® or CareerBuilder™). Discuss the site’s content and how the use of the Internet and associated technology will assist in recruitment.

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