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BSHS 302 Week 1 Discussion Questions 1 and 2

In this file of BSHS 302 Week 1 Discussion Questions you'll find:

DQ 1:

Locate the Learning Team Toolkit and review its content, then answering the following Questions:

• What purpose do Learning Teams serve here as adult learners?

• What will team work look like in Human Services?

• How will your practice in team work here impact your work in the Human Services field?

• What are some human service agencies that use team work?

Discuss the importance of informed consent and confidentiality in human services. What are they? What are their limits? What is the importance of boundaries?

DQ 2:

List some basic human needs end how those needs are met (through employment, family, friends, faith community, etc.) What are some of the reasons for why some individuals are not able to meet their basic needs? Looking at this Week's reading, which movement in history do you feel really changed human services? What is the value of understanding the history of social welfare provision and the roots of the human services discipline? How can gaining a historical perspective of social welfare provision help human service workers meet the needs of their clients more effectively and compassionately?

Discuss your own experience in human services (or intended career) and how you intend to use your degree.

DQ 3:

Describe the theoretical frameworks used in human services and discuss how they are different in nature from many psychological theories of human behavior. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the ecological systems theory and other similar theories used in human services in helping to understand human nature and behavior?

DQ 4:

Discuss the importance of informed consent and confidentiality in human services.

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