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BSHS 311 Week 3 Site Visit Report

This paperwork comprises BSHS 311 Week 3 Site Visit Report

Visit a site such as a women’s shelter, a halfway house, a hospital, an agency, or the human services department of a company, where behavioral or cognitive-behavioral techniques or programs are used.

Talk with human services workers or the contact person about their programs that employ behavioral or cognitive interventions or models. Some areas to explore:

· What population participates in the program?

· Who presents the program or interventions?

· How is the effectiveness of their interventions measured?

· How did they determine a need for the program?

· Do they have plans for other programs or interventions which use behavioral or cognitive models and techniques?

· What other models and theories are represented in their programs?

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word report on your visit, detailing the information you gathered and briefly describing your reactions and feelings about the program.

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