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BSOP 334 Week 4 Homework

In this file of BSOP 334 Week 4 Homework there are answers on:

Chapter 12: Discussion and Review Questions: 8,13 (p. 542), Critical Thinking Exercise 1 (p. 543), Problem 14 (p. 547)

Briefly discuss the requirements for effective MRP.

Contrast planned-order receipts and scheduled receipts.

Suppose you work for a furniture manufacturer, one of whose products is the chair depicted in Figure 12.5. Finished goods inventory is held in a central warehouse in anticipation of customer orders. Finished goods are controlled using EOQ/ROP methods. The warehouse manager, Juan Villa, has suggested using the same methods for controlling component inventory. Write him a brief memo outlining your opinion on doing that.

Using the diagram below, do the following:

a. Draw a tree diagram for the scissors.

b. Prepare an MRP for scissors. Lead times are one day for each component and final scissor assembly, but two days for the plastic grips. Six hundred pairs of scissors are needed on Day 6. Note: There are 200 straight blades and 350 bent blades on hand, and 40 top blade assemblies on hand.

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