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BSOP 429 Week 6 DQ 2 (Lab 5 Assignment)

This file of BSOP 429 Week 6 DQ 2 (Lab 5 Assignment) comprises:

What should the first step be in our Week 6 Lab Assignment (5 of 6 labs)? Why? What should be the next step? Are there any other pitfalls to avoid? How does these points about operating bottlenecks impact WIP reporting? what advice can you offer to avoid the lab pitfalls you highlighted? The four types of demand management covered in the text are: 1. Make-to-Stock (MTS) 2. Assemble-to-Order (ATO) 3. Make-to-Order (MTO) 4. Engineer-to-Order (ETO) Specifically, how do you think each one may affect WIP reporting?

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