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BSOP 588 Week 2 Project Proposal (Toyota Motor Corporation)

This paper of BSOP 588 Week 2 Project Proposal (Toyota Motor Corporation) encompasses:

Course Project GuidelinesTopic Selection Select a specific organization of interest to you and identify a quality management related problem(s) in the firm. Examples may be poor quality levels, high cost of quality, poor product/service design, high level of internal/external failures, etc. Feel free to add to this list if you need to. You are taking on the role as a quality management consultant and the executives of your chosen organization have asked you to submit a recommended direction to implement a quality management initiative to address the quality management related problem(s) you identified above. For example: Six Sigma, Lean Principles, TQM, SPC, Balanced Scorecard, etc. You also need to identify which of the course TCOs and specific topics in the syllabus are related to the problem you identify.

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