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BUS 352 Week 3 Quiz

This work of BUS 352 Week 3 Quiz consists of:

1. All of the following are characteristics of Web conferencing except:

2. If a company wants to dispose of unwanted assets without advertising to the public that it is doing so, an intermediary-conducted public auction is a logical choice.

3. A(n) ________ is an online third party that brokers B2B transactions between a buyer and seller.

4. The Lotus Notes/Domino suite includes all of the following except:

5. The downstream part of the supply chain includes the activities of a company with its suppliers, which can be manufacturers, assemblers, or both, or service providers, and their connections with their suppliers.

6. Nonproduction materials such as equipment and tools that support production are called:

7. A major block in the widespread implementation of collaborative commerce is:

8. By using the Internet and automatic-response software agents, GE reduced the cost of customer service calls from $5.00 per call when done by phone to ________ per electronically answered call.

9. The purpose of CPFR is to:

10. All are benefits of B2B except

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