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BUS 446 Week 1 Quiz

This paperwork of BUS 446 Week 1 Quiz shows the solutions to the following problems:

1. _____ is a management strategy that requires a company wide systems approach to quality.2. The _____ are the descriptors that must be examined to determine the quality of a product.3. _____ process is used when there are many varieties of products to process in small quantities.4. _____ are defined as workstations linked together on common sets of projects and families of parts.5. _____ dimension relates to the quality of the fundamental purpose for which the product is purchased.6. _____ are the operations or stages within the manufacturing cycle required to transform components into intermediates or finished goods.7. _____ refers to the ability to resist wear, stress, and decay.8. In manufacturing, the _____ define(s) the range of acceptable product.9. The word quality is used in _____ fundamentally different way(s).10. _____ is (are) a series of activities or steps required to transform materials and deliver goods and/or services.

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