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BUS 517 Week 9 DQs

This paper of BUS 517 Week 9 DQs covers the next issues:

OutsourcingPlease respond to the following:Take a position on the following statement from Chapter 12 of the textbook: Negotiating is an art. Support your position with an example.Provide at least three reasons why organizations outsource project work. Next, determine the key advantages of outsourcing project work.Performance MeasurementPlease respond to the following:Analyze the key differences between Budget At Completion (BAC) and Estimate At Completion (EAC). Discuss at least three ways project managers use BAC and EAC to communicate project progress.Select a project on which you acted as the project manager, and evaluate the project schedule and cost status using the earned value as a performance measurement technique. Provide a rationale to support your response.

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