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This paper is due today !!!! 2/12/17 !!1 I need an A+ plus paper

, no plagirism, work must be cited , apa format

Option #1: Analysis of Strategic Application of Business Analytics Results

Research and locate examples, beyond those found in your textbook, of business analytics being successfully applied to strategic decision making. In addition, find examples that show when business analytics failed to be applied successfully to strategic decision making.

For your analysis, settle on one good example of a successful outcome and one example of an unsuccessful outcome. For each—your example of success and your example of failure—address the following two perspectives:

  • Describe the actionable intelligence, or what it could have been, and the consequence to the organization in terms of revenue, market share, growth, and stock value.
  • Discuss the quality of the business analytics plan developed by the organization and describe three characteristics of each that made it a success or a failure.

Your paper should:

  • Be 3-5 pages long
  • Include at least two references
  • Include an additional references page
  • Conform to  APA format
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