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Business and Society

you must provide in text citations to go with your references. You can use your text book for 1 reference and then you need to use other scholarly sources. If you use a source from the web and it may not be scholarly, that is Ok but you still need to provide the required amount of scholarly resources. Note, Wiki is not allowed. Must be APA guidelines, correct grammar, 2 references. Reference goes after each question please. This is the book we are using:

Business and Society

A Strategic Approach to

Social Responsibility & Ethics

Fifth Edition

O.C. Ferrell University of New Mexico

Debbie Thorne, Texas State University

Linda Ferrell, University of New Mexico

cite and reference and no cover sheet.

1. Most of us have surfed the web, checked Facebook, or Twitter, played online games, or sent personal emails on company time while using the companyâs equipment. We even have new terms to describe our actions like cyberslacking and cyberloafing. During a recent study, seventy eight percent of companies revealed that many of their employees abuse internet access privileges that cause decrease in the company's productivity and efficiency during work hours. The internet has played a very vital role in increasing profits and business expansions for many companies worldwide. Use of the internet has also helped many employees accomplish their reports or researches faster and more conveniently. Discuss the ethical dilemma faced by employers trying to provide internet access for employees to do their work while trying to avoid cyberslackers and cyberloafers. (Word Count 100)

2. In a narrative format, discuss the key facts and critical issues presented in the case. What were William Ackmanâs accusations against Herbalife? Why are multilevel compensation plans often confused with illegal pyramid schemes? (Word Count 250)

3. Assume that you are a part of Herbalifeâs top management team responsible for responding to these accusations. Craft a response.(Word Count 250)

4. Compare Herbalife to BurnLounge discussed in the case. What are the key differences between the two companies? (Word Count 300)

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