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You and six others sit on a foundation board for a newly formed youth sports league. As a part of the league's 3-year plan, the board must devise an initiative that supports the communities and cities in which the league exists. Many of the communities are suburban, while others are urban and rural.

Many of the board members prefer to seek grants that encourage physical play, competition, and effective character development as the primary financial support of the league. However, there are three members of the board who believe the main focus should be on sponsorship. As the chairperson, your goal is to obtain consensus on this initiative. You done some preliminary research and have identified the benefits of focusing on grants since the league is in its formative years.

For this assignment, create an e-mail of 250-words or less to send to the board members that will influence the consideration of a grant-based program. Describe the benefits of a grant-based program for the sports league. Share any potential challenges that may exist if the league focuses on sponsorship over grants. Be sure to include principles of conscious capitalism. Provide at least three references to support your claims. 

Prepare this assignment according to guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.

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