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Business DB3

write 400–600 wordsthat respond to the following questions with your thoughts, ideas, and comments. Be substantive and clear, and use examples to reinforce your ideas.

Part 1 (Post this response in the main U3 DB thread “Unit 3 Discussion Board”)

Having experienced a robust debate on Phishy Pharmaceuticals' duties under social responsibility and your fiduciary roles as CEO, it is time to shift gears and consider laws regarding e-commerce and digital law. Primarily, Phishy is concerned about employees committing the following actions while accessing the Internet at work:

  • Invasion of privacy
  • Crimes, including white collar and blue collar
  • Torts
  • Employee privacy rights
  • Violations of duty of care through the use of social media
  • Violations of duty of loyalty through the use of social media
  • Violations of copyright laws

Choose 1 of the areas from the list above to discuss, and complete the following:

  1. Assert the legal claims that can be brought against Phishy.
  2. Include a minimum of 3 causes of action.
  3. Identify the legal issue with terminology and a specific legal case involving your claim.

Part 2 (Post this response in the appropriate topic within U3 DB [labeled “FOR” and “AGAINST”])

After reviewing the legal areas for which Phishy Pharmaceuticals could be held liable, as CEO, you have decided to implement an Internet Usage Policy.

The Internet Usage Policy provides employees of Phishy with procedures and guidelines about the acceptable utilization of Phishy’s technology equipment and rights to utilize the Internet. Having such a policy in place will assist in protecting both Phishy Pharmaceuticals and its employees. The Internet Usage Policy is an important document that must be signed by all employees upon starting work.

  • Based on the first initial of your last name, complete the following steps:
    • First initial A–L: Provide an argument against implementing an Internet Usage Policy for Phishy Pharmaceuticals. Provide research, legal terminology, and cite a legal case to support your argument. Submit your position by posting in the Unit 2 Debate Forum under the AGAINST topic.

Case Example: Phishy Pharmaceuticals is a corporation that recently kicked off the sale of its new weight-loss pill, Lose It Fast. After 3 months of sales, the management team has received some troubling reports of some unanticipated side effects caused by the pill. The management team asks the accounting department to run some numbers to determine how much it would cost to recall Lose It Fast, to suspend manufacturing, and to conduct more tests to determine the pill’s safety and other possible side effects.

After running some numbers, the accounting department states that it would be more cost-effective to leave the product on the market shelves and propose settlement proceedings with anyone who is injured and initiates a lawsuit.

The corporate attorney has advised that the product's packaging states that the pill is not FDA-approved, and says off the record that everyone who buys a weight-loss product knows there are some risks involved, so it is likely that the majority of injured consumers will not initiate a lawsuit.

If you recall the product, it will result in a delay of dividends paid to shareholders, a loss in revenue affecting shareholder profit, and possibly your job as CEO.

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