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Business homework

The group of investors who saw your presentation several weeks ago seemed impressed and believed your business had potential. However, they gave you some feedback that you needed to hear. Your presentation did not include financials, organizational structure, employee skill sets, your background and brief bios of others involved, as well as who your stakeholders are and the nature of your commitment to them from an ethical standpoint.

Using this input plus the feedback you received from your instructor on the first part of your project, complete the finished version of your business plan presentation. and prepare an additional 6 – 9 PowerPoint slides to address the following:

  • Financial projections
  • Sources of capital
  • Organizational structure
  • Key roles and the bios of those filling them.
  • Employee skill sets needed

Statement of commitment to the stakeholders

Apply APA standards to citation of sources.

Business Plan Part II

  • Estimate of the amount of startup capital you will need, and examples of how the money will be used.           
  • Projected income – how much money you intend to make over the next year, month by month.
  • Sources of finances – where you intend to get your startup funds
  • Functions within the business.
  • Key owners/staff and brief bios to include skills and qualifications needed for the business functions.
  • Ethics and social responsibility statement.
  • List of references using APA format of sources you used to research the business plan. Include at least three resources one of which may be your textbook.
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