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Business Law......Due 5/6

Due 5/6......must meet deadline......BUSINESS LAW

Read the following scenario and follow the instructions after:

Agency Formation and Duties.

DeLorean Motors, Inc. (“DMI”) makes very fast, futuristic gull-wing cars (think Back to the Future). The cars are sold through independent dealers (i.e. not owned by DMI). The cars are very expensive and DMI found that buyers were having problems qualifying for financing. As a result, DMI formed DeLorean Financing, Inc., (“DeLorean Financing”) a company whose only function was to provide financing for the purchasing of DMI’s cars. DMI owned all the stock of DeLorean Financing (in other words, DeLorean Financing was a “wholly owned subsidiary” of DMI).

After a couple of years over 90% of all DMI cars were purchased with loans made by DeLorean Financing. DMI started a new policy that required all dealers to have an office for the exclusive use of DeLorean Financing, and began to pay the dealers $1,000 for each car that was purchased with a loan from DeLorean Financing.

After 4 years all DeLorean cars were recalled because of defects in their engines and transmissions, and the U.S. Department of Transportation (“DOT”) banned DeLorean cars as unsafe. After learning of the recall, DeLorean Financing sent an email to its borrowers stating that it was a separate company from DMI, and that even though the cars had been banned by the DOT the borrowers were still responsible to make all payments on car loans. DeLorean Financing told the borrowers that any claims that they may have about the cars should be directed to DMI.

Do you think that DeLorean Financing’s borrowers should be allowed to stop making payments on the car loans?

your first post must argue that the borrowers should be allowed to stop payments. Your second post must argue that the borrowers should not be allowed to stop payments.

You need to answer the scenario question twice. One against and One agreeing.

Seperate pages for each. 1 page for the against answer and the second page containing the agreeing answer 

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