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Business Law Homework

Read Chapters 3 and 4. Book

Business Law: Text $ Cases – An Accelerated course




Homework Questions: Submit in Blackboard

  1. The proper setting for a case brought to court must be determined before a conduct of a hearing. Compare how courts determine jurisdiction by property or persons with jurisdiction by subject matter. Give an example.
  1. In Case 3.1 p 69 we meet the Turtons who feel they were harmed by the county landfill. How must standing be determined before their case can be brought to court?
  1. You lose your case but decide to appeal.  What does the court review in an appeal court decision? 
  1. Give an example when arbitration in a business dispute may be a better choice than going to court.
  1. How may a business defend against charges of negligence if falsely accused and sued by a customer or client?
  1. One of your competitors in the real estate business spreads false rumors about you that creates a loss of community trust. What legal remedy can you seek that will be heard in court? How can you prove harm and be compensated?
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