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Business Law I Writing Assignment (II)

Business Law I Second Writing Assignment (II)

Our country was founded upon principles of limited government and yet a form of federalism. We will study one of the foundational tools that were used by the drafters and apologists for the New Constitution. Remember, the Articles of Confederation had failed. These people were sent by their respective states to “fix” that document. In Philadelphia, they decided it was too broken to fix and went about the process of “creating” a new Republic. You will be segregated into three groups. You will be studying three documents primarily, but do not neglect to seek other outside sources and cite them. The points assigned for each criteria are in [brackets].

General Resources: [Use of these sources is mandatory] Additional sources will be required.

The Federalist Papers:

The Constitution:

The Library of Congress collection of documents from the founding fathers (and mothers).


Evaluate the above three documents and as many outside sources as you find regarding the (executive) branch of government, its powers and limits to those powers. Further, concentrate on the concept of war powers within the government. Compare how these were envisioned in the Federalist Papers, were discovered in Democracy in America and how it appears today. In other words do a 225 year progression.

Please cite all of your sources and/or use footnotes to denote their use (be very specific on your cites). The average paper will be at least 5-6 pages double-spaced 12 font. [5]

The Grade will be based upon the following criteria:

• Was your paper organized,

Introduction [5] The Topic, Purpose, and Scope of the paper.

Body [5] Organized in the major categories below with HEADERS.

Conclusion [5] A summary of what was covered in the paper.

• Did you search the web and other sources, (You must use the three given above.) [5]

• Did you cite all sources (so that anyone could find them again), [5]

• Did you use the following outline to analyze the sources and compare it with modern American government (Use the topics below as headers in BOLD.):

How did the founders define your branch of government? Why? [10]

What powers and limits did your branch get granted? [10]

What special aspects were developed in your branch of government? [10]

Was any provision of your branch changed? When, by what, and why? [10]

What provisions were placed in or developed in your branch of government that specifically deal with business, merchants or any aspect of commerce? [15]

What are your opinion regarding your branch in the schemata of the “separation of powers” or “checks and balance” system. How does it participate in those constructs? [5]

Reflecting on the creation of this nation, what has made it “the greatest nation in the world? What forces were seen by our founders and by our visitors that could destroy it? How can those be avoided? [10]

Your resources are literally at your fingertips. The net has all of the sources you need to accomplish this assignment. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to discuss them with me.

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