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Business School Case Study The scenario Three years ago, a Dutch university decided to merge three academic departments into one business school.


1.      Should the new head of school (HOS) accept the account of the School's history and the definition of problems that he/she was given by the chair of the appointing committee?

2.      If the HOS decides to diagnose the situation anew, should he/she do it alone or invite others to contribute? If others are to be involved who might they be? Why?

3.      What can the new HOS do to help ensure that others will be receptive to new data rather than only attending to data that defends the status quo or supports their preconceived view?

4.      Post diagnosis, what can be done to translate the need for change into a desire for change?

5.      Does the HOS need to think about supporting those who might be threatened by the change? How can the new HOS act in ways that will promote trust and win commitment?

6.      What kinds of intervention will be most effective? Why?

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