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BUSN 115 Week 3 Lessons from a Lemonade Stand

This file of BUSN 115 Week 3 Lessons from a Lemonade Stand comprises:

ScenarioYou have decided to open a lemonade stand in your local neighborhood.You have grand plans for this stand and expect to attract many customers.In part I of this assignment, you will develop the basic premise of your new company.Please answer the following questions, utilizing the textbook, to ensure you apply the lesson we have learned in the previous weeks.Develop a creative name for your Lemonade Stand, and then explain why a name is important when you are considering branding options?Create a Mission Statement for your Lemonade Stand (Chapter 7), then explain why a mission statement is important for any company?You are very involved in your community, please outline your CSR plan (Chapter 4) for your business.The textbook lists many different types of pricing strategies, please pick one of these and explain how you will deliver on this strategy with your stand. (Chapter 14)Even though you only sell to local customers, you understand that you could package your lemonade and sell it online globally. Evaluate whether or not the company should go global by creating an online presence and selling your lemonade online (Chapter 3).ActivityYou are to write roughly 750 words in answering all questions posted above for your Lemonade Stand. (Please note: you may list the questions in your paper and answer these in a step by step process, but the word count will only apply to your written words).The paper needs to be written in an APA format and should have at least your textbook listed as a scholarly source in your bibliography. Please view the APA tutorial in your syllabus for more on how to format your paper. Your paper should include a cover page and running header as stipulated by APA formatting

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