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BUSN 412 Week 2 Quiz

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1. When developing forecasts, two key inputs that were discussed in the text are:2. ____ tracks the evolution of environmental trends, sequences of events, or streams of activities.3. When we scan the general environment, we can identify information on:4. Gathering "competitive intelligence" ______.5. When conducting environmental forecasting, we can say that it involves developing plausible projections about which of the following concerning environmental change?6. Which of the following is not a limitation of SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunity, Threats) analysis?7. Value chain analysis makes sure that the activities of an organization are divided into two major categories of value activities: primary and support. Choose a primary activity from among the following:8. Which one of the following can we say is included in inbound logistics?9. When assessing its primary activities, an airline company would most likely examine:10. Advertising is a __________ activity. Supply of replacement parts is a __________ activity.SummaryExplain how competitor intelligence can be improved by gathering information about competitors in the public domain. Provide examples.

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