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BUSN 412 Week 3 Quiz

This file of BUSN 412 Week 3 Quiz includes answers to the next questions:

1. Information technology, such as email, has increased in organizations over the years, which has helped to:2. The following characterizes the creation of knowledge assets:3. John Steele was asked to take over a project after the entire team left his organization. The term that describes his ability to reconstruct what the team had accomplished through reading emails exchanged by the previous team's members can be considered:4. The following are examples of how intellectual property can be managed except:5. Dynamic capabilities include all of the following except:6. When there are few segments, the emphasis on process design is low, and the major functional areas of concern are general management and finance, this can be said to be the ____________ stage of the industry life cycle.7. When there is(are) ____________________, we should likely pursue a harvest strategy:8. During the decline stage of the industry life cycle, __________ refers to obtaining as much profit as possible and requires that costs be decreased quickly.9. Research shows that the following are all strategies used by firms engaged in successful turnarounds except:10. It can be said that during a turnaround, piecemeal productivity improvements do not involve:SummaryUse the value chain as a framework to explain how a firm can achieve a competitive advantage of overall cost leadership.

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